The clubs office was bombed in 1938 resulting in

After Rajput family filed an FIR in Patna against Rhea for abetment of suicide among other charges, Bihar Police got involved in the investigation and in turn, Rhea moved Supreme Court to seek transfer of FIR lodged in Patna on ground of jurisdiction. Also, Maharashtra Home Minister, Anil Deshmukh said that Mumbai Police is capable of doing the investigation and are going in right direction and no CBI enquiry is needed. Does this reluctance, and the eventual intervention of the Supreme Court make investigation in the case more complicated?.

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The club won several Campionat de Catalunya titles up until the civil war in 1936. However the success in the national cups did not come before the civil war broke out. The clubs office was bombed in 1938 resulting in over 3000 deaths and Catalonia came under occupation.

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